Make a Note to Remember 2nd Sept and be glad that you can. August 28, 2015 06:00

Books and the joy of reading have been my world for so long that I struggle to imagine the world without them. So to imagine what it would be like to not read – to not be able to read anything is terrifying. Deciphering signs, text messages from family and friends, instructions on your medicine bottles, comprehending forms when they need to be filled out, using a search engine and the internet, these are all the myriad small steps of daily life that many of us are privileged to just take for granted.  Literacy truly matters and improving literacy levels amongst all Australians is the most significant way that we can move towards a more just and equal society.

On Indigenous Literacy Day every year the vast majority of Australian bookshops donate a percentage of their day’s sales to the important work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to help fund the provision of culturally appropriate resources and literacy programs in remote Indigenous communities. For more information about the fantastic work of the ILF, or to make a donation, please go to their website -  

As a (semi)retired bookseller and Canberra bookshop owner for the past 24 years, this year I will find myself with a small dilemma on Indigenous Literacy Day – which bookshop will I visit to buy a book because everyone really should do that next Wednesday, 2nd September. Don't worry I’ll be book shopping somewhere that day and I really hope that you will too. The more books sold, the bigger the donation to ILF.

And if you’re at a loss about which book to buy and you have any young children to buy for,   remember that any children’s picture book illustrated by the artist Pamela Lofts also gives to the ILF – so when you buy one it will give twice. When Pam Lofts passed away a few years ago she left a very special bequest of all her children’s book royalties to the ILF.  They’re absolute classics and you can’t go past “Koala Lou” or “Wombat Stew” to name just a few!


Paper Parrot will be making its humble contribution to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation through our Christmas card sales (and our full Christmas range will be available online soon). We will be donating 10% of the purchase price of every Christmas card we sell to the ILF, because Christmas really should be a time when you give a little extra love.