Postmodern take on Bomboniere November 20, 2015 11:01

Postmodern bomboniere? Or Favours in Philosophical Flavours? 

Announcing the arrival of Paper Parrot's Origami Fortune Cookies!

When you research the history of the fortune cookie you find that something we think of as Chinese is far more likely to be Japanese in origin. As far back as the 19th century a cookie very similar in appearance to the modern fortune cookie was being made in Kyoto.  So it is this likely Japanese origin of the fortune cookie that for me makes it such a suitable object for origami. 

Paper Parrot's signature Origami Fortune Cookies are something completely different for your next dinner party or Christmas festive table, or an inexpensive but unique host or hostess gift.  Every origami fortune cookie is totally handmade, using beautiful Australian made and traditional Japanese craft papers. The printed quotes slipped inside each cookie have been carefully chosen from a wide range of attributed sources. This clever reworking of the traditional ‘fortune cookie’ aphorism is guaranteed to make you think, laugh or smile (or perhaps all three). 

Our Origami Fortune Cookies come in a small presentation box of six or twelve and they are exclusive to Paper Parrot.  

[Ingredients: Sage Words, Paper, Ink]  Guaranteed 100% Fat Free!

Yes our Origami Fortune Cookies can also be made to order, please email us with your special order requirements to receive a quotation. Email -