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Fan Greeting Card 160 mm x 115 mm

These lovely small fan cards are produced in Japan by Fukui Asahido, a manufacturer specialising in quality Japanese paper goods.

You can write a message on the reverse side of the fan (which is blank), then pop the fan into the elegant watermarked envelope provided and your recipient will receive a unique card and gift all in one! 

About Japanese Fan Cards (Uchiwa) -

Uchiwa is a traditional Japanese fan. They are part of Japanese seasonal traditions and are often given as gifts during these times. Originally, uchiwa were made from big leaves and animal hair. The purpose was to purify and pray. Over time they have changed, and are now made from bamboo and paper. There are many kinds of pattern; during the Han Dynasty they were often decorated by famous calligraphers. During the Edo Period they were made as souvenirs for shrines. During the Meiji period they were admired by foreigners and imported to other countries.

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