Roland Wakelin Collection

Roland Wakelin (1887 – 1971) was a New Zealand-born painter and teacher and one of the pioneer ‘early modern’ painters in Australian art. In 1908 and 1909, Wakelin visited his brother in Sydney then in 1912 joined him and enrolled in the Royal Art Society School to study drawing and painting under Dattilo Rubo alongside fellow students Grace Cossington Smith, Norah Simpson and Roy de Maistre.  Their work introduced a French post-impressionist flavour to Australian art.

Wakelin's paintings included many works featuring aspects of Sydney Harbour, but he was 
equally at home painting landscapes of the eastern tablelands, the coastal beaches and the mountains west of Sydney. He was also a fine painter of romantic still-life, and some of his later works are among his most effective paintings, embodying a successful integration of colour and form.

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