Advent Calendar Mobile - Golden Night


A stylish colourful advent calendar, hole punched and with a ribbon for hanging. The image is printed on both sides, the front side has the 24 Advent doors and is finished with gold foil accents.  Because it is double sided it can be reused as a room decoration in future years. Advent calendar size is 45 x 45cm. Produced in Germany by Korsch Verlag. 

The design -

The pre-Christmas season is a time full of magic and imagination. This striking advent calendar is the work of Salzburg artist Eugen Stross. 

Origins of the Advent Calendar -

The Advent Calendar can be traced back to the 19th Century, used by German Lutherans to count or celebrate the 24 days leading up to Christmas. The first printed calendar was made by Gerhard Lang. During his childhood, his mother attached small candles to a chalkboard and Gerhard would take one off each day for the countdown leading up to Christmas Day. These early German calendars were sold for many years up until World War II, when war shortages curtailed production. Richard Selmer resumed the production of the calendars in 1946, and some credit goes to President Eisenhower for making the Advent calendars popular in America. These first advent calendars with little doors printed in the early 1900's continue today. The calendar windows or doors open to reveal an image, a poem, or a portion of a story - typically the story of the Nativity.



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