August Macke Large Wall Calendar 2022


DUE LATE SEPTEMBER.  Large decor art wall calendar, 55 x 45cm, with double wire spiral binding.  Large calendar images with the dates shown as a simple line beneath. Printed in Germany by the art calendar specialist, Korsch Verlag.

Please note this calendar is larger and heavier than a standard wall calendar, so it is only priced for purchase within Australia. Because of its size and weight there may be a surcharge to send it overseas. So if you are outside Australia please email us for an exact shipping quote before placing your order.

The artist - 

August Macke (1887-1914) was one of the leading members of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). He lived during a particularly innovative time for German art: he saw the development of the main German Expressionist movements as well as the arrival of the successive avant-garde movements which were forming in the rest of Europe. Like a true artist of his time, Macke knew how to integrate into his painting the elements of the avant-garde which most interested him.



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