Bamboo Christmas Wreath


Featuring a whirl of Australian native blooms, this Bamboo Wreath will make your home feel festive and welcoming every Christmas. Designed by Earth Greetings and laser cut locally from solid, 5cm thick bamboo.

We love bamboo, because it's incredibly fast growing, and absorbs carbon at up to 6 fold the rate of trees grown in plantation form. Additionally, because this is a natural product, it's biodegradable (home compostable), should you ever wish to part with your wreath!

The bamboo used to make these wreaths has been sourced from a managed plantation in China (which is the main source of bamboo as a raw material) and no water or pesticides are used to grow it. The carbon emissions from transportation of the material from China to Australia and the production of the wreaths are offset through Earth Greetings' Carbon Neutral certification, making this a carbon neutral product.

The wreath comes with hemp twine for hanging, or you can hang it on a nail from the top gumnut, or get even more creative.

Wreath size is approximately 25cm diameter.



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