Better World Arts Stainless Steel Pet Bowl - Rama Kaltu-Kaltu Sampson


Large stainless steel pet bowl with hand painted design based on a painting by Rama Kaltu-Kaltu Sampson 

Rama’s painting illustrates the Mingkiri Tjukurpa – the dreaming of the marsupial mice near Kuntjanu, Rama’s country in remote north-western South Australia. The painting shows the many burrows where the mingkiri live. The mingkiri are digging with their mulya (noses) to block their holes. When Rama talks about the Wanampi Tjukurpa (Rainbow Serpent Dreaming), he says that many stories are all together – tjungu. The Mingkiri people cry when Wanampi is speared by a left handed man, but his son was in the womb of Wanampi’s wife, so the rainbow serpent still lives today at the rockhole in Kuntjanu. The kuniya (python) and liru (snake) people are also all here, in this one big story.

The Artisans -

Utilising the skills and talents of Kashmiri artisans, fashionable stainless steel is hand painted utilising Aboriginal artists' designs.. The hand painting process is called ‘Naqqashi’ is a highly skilled profession in the Kashmir valley.  Developed over generations and still used to decorate the handmade papier-mâché, this low tech, low carbon footprint industry maintains cultural practices and traditional incomes that assist families to live an economically and culturally sound lifestyle in their home villages. 

All products produced by Better World Arts cross cultural projects return royalties to the artists and their communities.

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