Better World Arts Digitally Printed Cotton Apron - Cedric Varcoe


This striking digitally printed apron with a front pocket is made from 100% heavy cotton and features the artwork of Cedric Varcoe. Produced by Better World Arts. Note the second image is a closeup showing detail of the fabric.

The painting -

When Ngurunderi travelled through what is now Ngarrindjeri country he came down the Murray River in his canoe. At that time it was just a small stream. Ngurunderi was looking for his two wives who had run away from him and was following Pondi, the big Murray Cod who had created the twists and turns of the river when sweeping his huge tail from side to side. Ngurunderi was trying to spear Pondi all the way along the journey. Together they formed the Murray River, lakes and landforms and everything in Ngarrindjeri Country. Ngurunderi made the rain that feeds the river and the country. With the rain came the rainbow, which can be seen in this painting. Ngurunderi also made the Ngarrindjeri people, who live along and around the River Murray, lakes, the Coorong region and across to Cape Jervis and the southern regions of what is now Adelaide.

All products produced by Better World Arts return royalties to the artists and their communities.



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