Gabriele Münter Large Wall Calendar 2023


DUE LATE SEPTEMBER. Large vertical axis decor wall calendar, 55 x 45 cm, with double wire spiral binding. Twelve beautiful paintings by Münter are reproduced as large images, one for each month with the dates shown in a line below. Published in four languages (German, English, French, Italian). Printed in Germany by Korsch Verlag.

Please note this calendar is larger and heavier than a standard wall calendar, so it is only priced for purchase within Australia. Because of its size and weight there may be a surcharge to send it overseas. So if you are outside Australia please email us for an exact shipping quote before placing your order.

The artist -

Gabriele Münter  (1877-1962) was a German expressionist painter who was at the forefront of the Munich avant-garde in the early 20th century. She studied and lived with the painter Wassily Kandinsky and was a founding member of the expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider).

Although the name Gabriele Münter is inseparably linked to the Expressionist group of artists 'Der Blaue Reiter',  her oeuvre is far more diverse and multi-faceted. Portraits, still lifes, landscapes, interior scenes and abstracts of radiant luminosity - the artist is keen to experiment, loves to travel and has been searching for new forms of expression throughout her life. This calendar shows a high-quality selection from Münter's works.



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