Grace Cossington Smith Wall Calendar 2023


Beautiful medium size spiral bound wall calendar - 230 x 320mm - printed single sided on high quality, archival grade paper stock. The 'frame-worthy' selection of twelve stunning images makes this calendar a perfect, lasting gift and an easy size to post. Published by Blue Island Press in Sydney. 100% Australian Made.

The Artist -

Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984) occupies a crucial place in Australian art of the twentieth century. She was a resilient adherent of an  aesthetic system many of her colleagues could not sustain. Cossington Smith produced some of the most intricate and elaborately executed  images of her generation, investing even the smallest of her compositions with an implacable spirituality. A student of Dattilo-Rubbo, and a contemporary of Wakelin and de Maistre, she surpassed these figures both as a draughtsperson and a colourist. Her allegiance to Van  Gogh and Cezanne, though enduring, did not inhibit her own highly distinctive manner. Examples of her work are held by every major gallery in Australia.



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