Handmade Lokta Paper - Swallows Gold on Blue


• Large wrapping paper sheet, size 760mm x 500mm
• 100% hand made by small village co-operatives in Nepal
• Richly textured eco friendly paper
• 100% natural and recyclable

Images shown are of a full sheet and then a block detail of the pattern, then some images of the production process, courtesy of Giftsland in Nepal.

About Lokta Paper -

Nepalese handmade lokta paper is made from the fibrous inner bark of high elevation evergreen shrubs primarily from two species of the Daphne plant known collectively as lokta bushes which proliferate in open clusters on the southern slopes of Nepal’s Himalayan forests.

Historically the handcrafting of lokta paper occurred in the rural areas of Nepal, most notably in the Baglung District. Today raw lokta paper is produced in more than 22 districts in Nepal, but finished lokta paper products are produced only in Kathmandu Valley and Janakpur.

Lokta paper's durability and resistance to tearing, humidity, insects and mildew have traditionally made lokta paper the preferred choice for the recording of official government records and sacred religious texts. These properties also make lokta paper a superior and environmentally friendly wrapping paper as it can be saved and re-used many times!



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