Japan Paper Crafts Book


This amazing Japanese themed papercrafts book contains 50 sheets of different types of artist papers that can be used to create and customize a range of papercraft projects

  • 1 sheet with text
  • 9 sheets with foldable cards,
  • 8 sheets with templates for envelopes to be cut and folded
  • 4 sheets of sticker paper with total 48 stickers,
  • 8 sheets 200gsm artist paper with 10 postcards ,
  • 4 gift-card cards and 24 gift tags. This section is perforated and die-cut; it should be easy to remove the cards and tags, the holes in the tags are punched out and the slots for the gift cards are cut.
  • Also included  - 10 sheets with colouring designs printed on thin grey lines
  • And 10 sheets with pictures that are ready for framing. The sheets are acid-free, age-resistant and originate from responsible sources.

Pepin Press | 2019 | 100 pages | 29.9 x 1.4 x 21 cm

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