Longevity Soy Wax Candle - Green Tea w Fresh Ginger

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A gorgeous 100% handmade artisan blended soy wax candle poured into a 250ml pharmacy jar and presented in an artist designed gift box.

Loobylou (candles with conscience) has produced an amazing range of fragrances designed specifically to reflect the exquisite watercolour illustrations by one of our featured artists Gabby Malpas.  

About this Fragrance Blend - Green Tea w Fresh Ginger

  • GREEN TEA: Long and widely renowned for it’s many medicinal purposes, and fragrances are described as clean and fresh. Green tea is soothing of mind and body, and intended to refresh and uplift ones mood and spirit. 
  • FRESH GINGER: Widely recognised for it's healing and soothing propoerties. Ginger is a promoter of calm, and known to reduce nausea and assist with digestive related stress disorders.

    About the Maker -

    Loobylou was founded by Kere M Baker, a NZ born artist who has called Sydney home since 1996. Loobylou strives to produce a range that is exclusive, natural, socially responsible and of superior quality. Soy wax is a natural product that does not produce any toxins when burnt. Loobylou Candles use the cleanest and purest eco soy wax and high quality essential & fragrant oils that are ‘perfume grade’. 100% cotton wicks & sustainably sourced soy wax.

    (Note - boxed the product size is 105mm  x 105mm x 105mm, weight 598g)

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