Meditations & Healing Art Mini Wall Calendar 2024


Small or mini wall calendar 178 x 178mm (opening to hang 178 x 356 mm). 12 beautiful monthly colour plates; Cellophane wrapped, with stiffening board. Published by Amber Lotus Publishing in the United States.

Artist and poet Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin explores the intersection of art, nature, and science through his paintings and writing. He passionately believes in the healing power of art, viewing it as a universal language. This inspiring collection of his artwork and poetry provides a meditational focal point that invites you to discover the pure heart of the universe.

Environmental stewardship - 

All Amber Lotus products are printed on paper that is processed chlorine free and sourced from a combination of sustainably managed forests and recycled materials. In addition Amber Lotus has an annual tree planting program far in excess of the amount of trees it takes to produce the paper it uses.



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