Native Birds Vinyl Sticker Set


These cute Australian native bird vinyl stickers are suitable for car windows, bumpers, laptops, walls, books & any smooth surface you would like to add a splash of colour and a friendly little bird too.

This pack of 5 stickers contains the following:

x 1 Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo (8cm x 11.5cm)
x 1 Willie Wagtail (7cm x 9cm)
x 1 Splendid Fairy-Wren (5cm x 8.5cm)
x 1 Kookaburra (5.5cm x 10.5cm)
x Gouldian Finch (9.5cm x 9cm)

These weatherproof vinyl stickers can be stuck to anything, we have them on the car windows! They can also be stuck to your phone, iPad, laptop or lunchbox to name but a few! They can be stuck and unstuck!

Produced by Braw Paper Company in Western Australia.



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