New Yorker Notecard Wallet Pack - Cats


Handsome and handy, New Yorker Note Card Wallets house a hand picked collection of cards with coordinating envelopes. These clever card packs are just right for any correspondence and they also make a perfect gift!

  • Wallet contains 10 cards -  2 each of 5 iconic New Yorker cartoon cards with a feline theme
  • Cards measure 165x114mm and are blank inside
  • Wallet size is 168x125x20mm

Captions on the five different cards read -

  • "Then one day he said, 'It's either me or the damned cat'"
  • "Can I call you back? I'm with a piece of string"
  • "I was a dog in a previous life, but I came back as a god"
  • "Never, ever, think outside the box"
  • no caption


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