NOW OR NEVER Cartoons By Judy Horacek (PB)


Now or Never, the tenth cartoon collection by much-loved Australian cartoonist Judy Horacek, contains work published over the last few years in The Age.

The cartoons cover her familiar themes - the environment, feminism, social justice, progressive politics, along with plenty of cartoons about the absurdities of life and the joys of silly. Plus all the Mildreds, and for reasons unknown, quite a lot of giraffes. Thoughtful, intelligent and hilarious.

About the Author/Illustrator

Judy Horacek became a cartoonist in her mid-twenties, when she was wondering what to do with her life, and someone suggested she try cartooning. That fitted well with her love of drawing and writing and making people laugh, and was also a wonderful way of having her say about issues that were important to her, such as feminism and the environment.

She has drawn cartoons for many books, magazines and campaigns, and has had regular cartooning gigs in The Age, the Australian Magazine (back when the Australian wasn’t quite so rabid), the Canberra Times and then the Age again. Ten collections of her cartoons have been published.

Judy also creates children’s books, both on her own and with Mem Fox, including the incredibly successful Where is the Green Sheep?, which all started with a tiny etching Judy had done of a green sheep that caught Mem’s eye.

She makes and regularly exhibits her watercolours and limited edition prints. Currently she is working on a number of collaborative projects, and thinking about new methods of combining words and images in ways that make people think and try to save the planet.

ISBN 9789780987619

Judy Horacek | Noble Books | October, 2020 | Paperback | 288 pages | 17 x 12.2  x 2cm | 323g



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