ORIGAMI BONSAI by Benjamin John Coleman (PB)


Fold beautiful origami flowers then arrange them into stunning bonsai sculptures with this wonderful origami book.

Origami Bonsai makes it possible for paper folders at every level to create unique botanical sculptures at home by folding delicate paper flowers and leaves and attaching them to natural branches.

This easy origami book contains:

  • Multi-color photos and drawings
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Explanations of dozens of folding techniques
  • A 3 hour instructional DVD

It also shows you how to select natural twigs, branches, and stones—and how to assemble them into a lifelike finished origami sculpture. To help in the creation process the book contains detailed instructions and numerous photographs of both works in process and completed origami bonsai pieces that are sure to have you creating your own decorative origami art in no time.

Benjamin John Coleman | Tuttle Publishing | Mar 2018 | Paperback |112 pages | 279 x 216mm | weight 700g



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