Paper Collage Chinese Style (book)


This beautifully illustrated guide to Chinese paper collage art demonstrates the techniques and philosophy behind this creative and fun art form. Paper collage art has a special charm. It can be as exquisite as oil painting or as freehand (xieyi) as ink wash painting. A paper collage art is a perfect mean to express humour and romance, demonstrate subjective perspectives and emotions, record special moments, and depict favourite scenes. Collage Art teaches you how to pick up some magazines, newspaper, and colour paper around you that are no longer needed and put your ideas onto a piece of paper. You can create some decorations for your desk, bedroom, office, as well as some collage crafts for your friends on festivals and weddings.

Better Link Press | Nov. 2016 | Paperback |144 pages | Size - 260 x 184mm | weight 770g

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