Rewordable: The Uniquely Fragmented Word Game


The Kickstarter-funded, uniquely fragmented word game, intuitive and fun for 2-8 players, ages 8+ and all skill levels!   

Rewordable is a combination of Scrabble and UNO, a word game for 2-8 players where players can build words for rewards and steal each other’s words for added points. Each game uses a subset of 60 cards from the 120 card game deck and the goal is to build up the biggest lexicon of words. Players take turns making words, using at least one card from their hand; they may also use cards from the centre pool, add onto their own already constructed words, or steal words from other players.

Game Includes:
• 120 cards with one-, two-, and three-letter sequences, selected through linguistic research, computational analysis, and extensive playtesting
• 16 tokens add different goals, strategies, and rewards to every game
• Fold-out rules with easy to follow how-to-play diagrams

Creators - Allison Parrish/ Adam Simon. Published by Random House, 2017.

Box size - 19.9 x 9.7  x 4.2cm. Weight 0.29kg.

Learning ® Magazine 2020 Teachers’ Choice℠ Award for the Classroom • Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award • Recommended by Mensa Mind Games®

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