Songbird Whistle Necklace - Superb Fairy Wren


At Paper Parrot we love all things that celebrate Australian bird life and this cheerful little handcrafted Fairy Wren necklace certainly does that! Not only is it a necklace but it is also a little whistle.

  • Each bird is approx 35mm from tail to beak
  • Adjustable cord 
  • Each bird features a single note whistle
  • Presented in a fabric pouch with story card.
  • Each bird is individually handcrafted from locally sourced clay and then intricately hand painted.
  • Because of the completely hand-made nature of these items there will always be some variation between products, adding to their charm.
  • Ethically produced by a group of artisans based in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

About -

The Superb Fairy Wren is one of our favourite Australian backyard birds, and as they tend to forage on the ground the distinctive bright blue plumage of the males makes these happy little birds very easy to spot. 

Songbird is a crafts-based social enterprise established to raise awareness and support the conservation of Australia's threatened bird species and their native habitats, whilst creating sustainable and ethical job opportunities for Songbird's artisan makers. 

Please Note - whistle necklaces are not intended for use as a toy and are not suitable for children under 4 years.



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