The Shadow World a Sci-Fi Storytelling Card Game


Fire your imagination with these amazing storytelling cards! Reviving the Victorian craze for 'myrioramas', the 20 picture cards can be placed in any order to create seamless scenes and endless storyscaping possibilities -

London, 1900. A brilliant scientist leaves the world above to create his own world below, determined to prove his radical theory – that gravity is a geometric property of space time. What happens when time is bent, space is collapsed, and dimensions overlap? Descend into the shadow world to find out...

Maximum length of a myriorama using all 20 cards is 1700mm (each card is 85mm x 164mm)

Illustrated by Shan Jiang, Laurence King Publishing, UK, 2018. Magnetic closure box size -  198mm h x 123mm w x 35mm d. Maximum width of a myriorama using all 20 cards  is 170cm.  Package weight is 410g  (recommended for ages 8+)

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