THE WHOLE PICTURE: the colonial story of the art in our museums and why we need to talk about it By Alice Proctor (PB)


If you think art history has to be pale, male and stale - think again.

Should museums be made to give back their marbles? Is it even possible to 'decolonize' our galleries? Must Rhodes fall?

How to deal with the colonial history of art in museums and monuments in the public realm is a thorny issue that we are only just beginning to address. Alice Procter, creator of the Uncomfortable Art Tours, provides a manual for deconstructing everything you thought you knew about art history and tells the stories that have been left out of the canon.

The book is divided into four chronological sections, named after four different kinds of art space: The Palace, The Classroom, The Memorial and The Playground. Each section tackles the fascinating, enlightening and often shocking stories of a selection of art pieces, including the propaganda painting the East India Company used to justify its rule in India; the tattooed Maori skulls collected as 'art objects' by Europeans; and works by contemporary artists who are taking on colonial history in their work and activism today.

The Whole Picture is a much-needed provocation to look more critically at the accepted narratives about art, and rethink and disrupt the way we interact with the museums and galleries that display it.

About the Author

Alice Procter is an historian of material culture and the creator of Uncomfortable Art Tours. She curates exhibitions, organizes events, makes podcasts and writes things under the umbrella of The Exhibitionist. Procter studied at University College London, and her academic work concentrates on the intersections of postcolonial art practice and colonial material culture, settler storytelling, the concept of whiteness in the 18th and 19th centuries, the curation of historical trauma, and myths of national identity.

ISBN 9781788402453

Alice Proctor | Octopus | March, 2021 | Paperback | 288 pages | 19.7 x 12.8  x 3.2cm | 310g



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