This Book is Literally Just Pictures of Cute Animals (book)


A zoological and photographic odyssey documenting the cutest, cuddliest and silliest animals of all time, to brighten up the days of humans.

As its name so subtly suggests, this gift book features 90 pictures of excessively cute animals. That’s Literally it. While turning these puppy-peppered pages, your mood will Literally become one of delight and tenderness. And therein lies the powerful magic of pictures of cute animals. Just simply peering into those big eyes carries with it all the gravitas of a David Attenborough nature documentary, but without having to actually watch a documentary.

The resilience of the animal kingdom is endlessly inspiring. Cast your mind to this iconic image: a kitten dangling from a tree branch, while sagely encouraging us humans to just “hang in there.” And hang in there we did – in order to own this book. This is Literally exactly what our turbulent world needs right now. With its unique meow factor, this is the book that you deserve after a ruff day at work. (It should be said that, mercifully, no animal puns are included in this book.)

Beyond shadow of a doubt, this book is a landmark moment in the history of photojournalism.

Smith Street Books | hardcover | 96 pages | 19.5 x 16.7 x 1.6cm, weight - 370g

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