Kandinsky Large vertical Calendar 2022


DUE SEPTEMBER AND ALL STOCK PRE-SOLD!  Large vertical poster calendar, 28.5 x 69 cm.  Printed on FSC stock in Germany by the fine art calendar specialists Korsch Verlag.

The art -

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) was a Russian painter and art theorist and is generally credited as the pioneer of abstract art.  Born in Moscow, Kandinsky spent his childhood in Odessa (today Ukraine). He initially studied law and economics at the University of Moscow but at the age of 30 Kandinsky began painting studies and in 1896 he moved to Munich and studied art. 

He returned to Moscow in 1914, after the outbreak of World War I. Following the 1917 Russian Revolution, Kandinsky helped to establish the Museum of the Culture of Painting but more opportunities beckoned in Germany, to which he returned in 1920. There he taught at the Bauhaus school of art and architecture from 1922 until the Nazis closed it in 1933. He then moved to France, where he lived for the rest of his life, becoming a French citizen in 1939 and producing some of his most famous works. 

Please note this calendar is larger and heavier than a standard wall calendar, so it is only priced for purchase within Australia. Because of its size and weight there may be a surcharge to send it overseas. So if you are outside Australia please email us for an exact shipping quote before placing your order.



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