Why "Paper Parrot", why name a business after a bird? Well the parrot is the quintessential Australian bird, yet it is found elsewhere in the world. This expresses Paper Parrot's selection philosophy - we want to showcase Australian artists and design talent but not be xenophobic about it. The parrot family encompasses a range of beautiful, striking and unusual birds and it has given us the keys to express our product selection - 

      • King Parrots are big, bold and beautiful
      • Elegant Parrots are just as their name suggests
      • Eclectus Parrots are the most diversely plumed
      • Pygmy Parrots are very rarely seen

This site was developed by a retired bookseller (Anne Hutton who co-owned and ran Electric Shadows Bookshop in Canberra for 24 years). Electric Shadows Bookshop was a much-loved specialist film and arts bookshop that sadly closed its doors in 2015 due to the sale and redevelopment of its premises. Over the years the bookshop had developed a loyal following for its selection of beautiful cards, wraps & unusual gifts and although there are many fine online bookshops today - there really isn't an easy way to find an online shop just focusing on a curated selection of those special paper items that can make visiting a good bookshop such a delight.

Paper Parrot hopes to fill that space. That doesn't mean that the love of books has been abandoned and reflections upon things literary may well be the subject of occasional blogs and social media posts. Indeed you will find a small number of books and book related items amongst the selection of gifts. You can take the bookseller out of the bookshop but you can never take the love of books out of a (retired) bookseller so Paper Parrot may be a little unusual in that respect - with an 'Eclectus Parrot' ruling the roost.

Your feedback is always welcome - because that is how we can improve our service. You can contact us at - admin@paperparrot.com.au 

Thanks for visiting Paper Parrot. Please enjoy your flight!




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