Cressida Campbell Bookplates


Pack of 12 bookplates (3 each of 4 designs). Size 80mm x 120mm. Printed on 320gsm uncoated paper stock.

bookplate is a small print or decorative label placed (usually pasted) into a book inside the front cover to indicate its owner. Bookplates typically bear a name, design, or crest that relates to or is requested by the owner of the book. Historical Bookplates are of great interest either as specimens of bygone decorative fashion or as personal relics of well-known people. Nowadays they are often of a value far greater than the book in which they are found affixed.

The artist -

Cressida Campbell is among Australia’s most significant contemporary artists working with painting and printmaking. Directly inspired by her surroundings, for over 40 years the Gadigal/Sydney-based artist has transformed commonplace experiences from her life into single edition prints and painted woodblocks.

‘My main inspiration comes from what is directly around me… I remember combinations of colours I see in houses, pictures, gardens, buildings or sculptures here and round the world.’ CRESSIDA CAMPBELL



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