Emma Miszalski - Banksia Bower


Large art card, 114 x 162mm (blank inside). Sustainably printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using the most eco friendly printing processes available.  Supplied plastic free in 100% compostable packaging.

The Artist -

Emma Miszalski is the creative force behind Pip and Pod Designs. She is an artist, graphic designer and editor based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. A lover of books and birds, her passion for the natural world is reflected in her diverse and whimsical designs. 

About -

Known as the Superb Fairy Wren for its stunning blue plumage, this little Australian feathered friend is striking in appearance and brings joy to those who glimpse its electric blue feathers as it flitters here and there. It has recently been voted Australia’s favourite bird.

This little male is perched among Banksia serrata blossoms. A member of the Proteaceae family, it is also known as the Old Man Banksia — named after the naturalist Sir Joseph Banks, it was one of the original specimens he collected in Botany Bay on the first voyage to the Pacific on Captain Cook’s Endeavour in 1770.



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