Emma Miszalski - La Luna


Large art card, 114 x 162mm (blank inside). Sustainably printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using the most eco friendly printing processes available.  Supplied plastic free in 100% compostable packaging.

The Artist -

Emma Miszalski is the creative force behind Pip and Pod Designs. She is an artist, graphic designer and editor based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. A lover of books and birds, her passion for the natural world is reflected in her diverse and whimsical designs. 

About -

The luna moth (Actias luna), a member of the Saturniidae silk moth family stretches its wings into the full moon night, cocooned by Queen of the Night cacti blooms (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) that only ever flower at night and wilt before the dawn.

With a limited lifespan, the luna moth lives for only 7-10 days on average. With a vestigial mouth and lacking a digestive system it uses the energy stored whilst in caterpillar form to look for a nocturnal mate around midnight.



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