Express Postage for your Parcel (additional fee)


An additional charge to have us send your order by Express Post (available within Australia only). 

From the dropdown menu above, please select the best Express Post size for your order based on this information. All Australia Post Express Post parcels can now weigh up to 5kg it is the size of the object that determines the rate more than the weight as long as it is under 5kg -

  • An Express Post Small Parcel is applicable only for small orders consisting of small items that could fit into an Express Post small satchel (dimensions - 355 x 220 mm, or into a small box - 220 x 160 x 70mm) 
  • An Express Post Medium Parcel is applicable for orders that will fit into a medium satchel (dimensions - 385 x 265mm or a medium box 240 x 190 x 120mm) so select this option for posting our medium size wall calendars.
  • An Express Post Large Parcel is for orders that will fit within the dimensions of a large satchel (405 x 310mm or a large box - 390 x 280 x 140mm) so select this option for posting larger calendars.
  • An Express Post Extra Large Parcel is to be used for oversized or larger items (such as one of our extra Large calendars) This satchel size is 510 x 440mm and the box is 440 x 270 x 168mm.
  • An Express Post B4 Large Letter Envelope (250mm x 353mm x 20mm) is applicable only for flat paper paper items such as a small number of cards that can be sent as a large letter and weigh no more than 500g. 

Please note these prices are the additional costs of express post so you will still be charged our ordinary postage fee of $9.99  plus the most appropriate one of these additional express post rates. Or if you have spent $95, or more, then your ordinary postage charge becomes free but you still have to pay the express post component. If in any doubt please contact us first for assistance before placing your order!

email -  or call (02) 6226 2677 or text 0408 654 911



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