Gabby Malpas Catisfaction Wrapping Paper


Single sheet wrapping paper printed in Sydney by a certified eco printer who uses vegetable based inks. Printed on 130gsm linen stock. Sheet size is 480x680mm.

Images shown are a corner enlargement of the design and a full sheet view.

Design -

Gabby Malpas is a New Zealand born artist who has called Sydney her home since 2003. Prior to that she lived and worked in England and South-East Asia. Her delicate and zen-like art is often a composition taken from her garden or home,  but viewed through a prism of chinoiserie. It would be simplistic to consider her work as purely decorative, there is a continual but subtle use of allusion and symbolism  that repays the keen observer such as the tiny Maneki-Neko (Japanese Lucky Cat) interspersed in this cat wrapping paper design. 



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