GRIEF AND BEAUTY by Annie Franklin and Anita Patel (PB)


If you are looking for the perfect gift for an art lover, this beautiful limited edition book displays recent paintings by Australian artist Annie Franklin with accompanying poems by the Canberra-based poet, Anita Patel.  This is their second collaboration, their first book was Heart Stitched (2019) -

Heart Stitched is a book that illustrates our connection as creative women who respond to the world around them in word and in colour. It is a narrative of our mutual appreciation for the world of nature - for vast sweeping landscapes and for the realm of the minutae, for the unnoticed world underfoot and its interdependence with the more visible world above.... Heart Stitched is a joyful collaboration between two women who unexpectedly found each other and knew instantly that they understood the world with one heart."  (from the Foreward by Anita Patel)

In Grief and Beauty Annie and Anita deal even more directly with the impact of climate change on the world around them, particularly the "after story" of the devastating bushfire season of 2019-2020.

 'If the public is increasingly starting to realise that climate change is real and a threat to our very existence, for artists it has long been the defining issue of our generation. Annie Franklin has been an environmentally motivated artist for most of the 30 years that she has been exhibiting. She came from a printmaking background and burst onto the stage with her vibrant political posters defending Aboriginal land rights and our fragile ecosystems....' (from the review of her 2019 by Sasha Grishin, The Canberra Times, 6/12/19)

ISBN 9780646868844

Annie Franklin & Anita Patel | December 2022 | Softcover | 92 pages |  210 x 210 x 15mm I 342g



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