Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Wall Calendar 2025


Beautiful medium size spiral bound wall calendar - 230 x 320mm - printed single sided on high quality, archival grade paper stock. The 'frame-worthy' selection of twelve stunning images makes this calendar a perfect, lasting gift and an easy size to post. Published by Blue Island Press in Sydney. 100% Australian Made.

The Artist -

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1888 - 1960) was an Australian artist and illustrator. Born Ida Sherborne Rentoul she married Arthur Grenbry Outhwaite in 1909. During her career Ida illustrated fairy stories, verse and music, much of it written by her sister Annie or husband Grenbry.

She is best known for her depiction of fairies, portraying elfin folk cavorting with antipodean animals, fairies riding butterflies and striking black and white drawings, distinctive for their large areas of black ink. Her most impressive books both in terms of sheer size and imagery are Elves and Fairies 1916 and Fairyland, 1926.



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