Sacredbee greeting card - Nobody But Yourself


Large card, 127 x 178mm, blank inside.  Printed in Australia on textured, eco friendly Forestry Sources stock.  These cards are illustrated on the front and the back - a unique signature of Sacredbee design. 

The Art  -

Sacredbee greeting cards are celebrated for their thought-provoking imagery - each card is a work of visual storytelling, with intricate designs that capture the imagination and feed the soul.  Sacredbee's unique cards are inspired by literature, art, peace and love.

Pamela Zagarenski, founder of Sacredbee, is an artist, author and award winning  children's book illustrator living in Connecticut, USA.  Pamela describes Sacredbee as "a small business of sister bees" - run by herself and her business partner and sister, Kim. Together, they bring these imaginative and unique cards to life. 



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