Spaceship Earth - the Overview Effect Wall Calendar 2024

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Wall Calendar 305 x 305mm (opening to 305 x 610mm); 12 inspiring monthly colour plates; Cellophane wrapped, with stiffening board. Printed in the US by Amber Lotus Publishing.

The Art -

From hundreds of interviews with space travelers, Frank White has curated powerful and enlightening quotes about their transformative experiences. By pairing these words with photos from the NASA archives, we hope to reveal that the luminous vision of Earth from space shows one human family and a planet — a natural spaceship — without the scars of boundaries.

In his best-known book The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, Frank White explores the cognitive shift experienced by astronauts while in space. With sudden clarity, they understand that Earth — home to everyone and everything we have ever known — is a pulsing, fragile, living place.

    Environmental stewardship - 

    All Amber Lotus products are printed on paper that is processed chlorine free and sourced from a combination of sustainably managed forests and recycled materials. In addition Amber Lotus has an annual tree planting program far in excess of the amount of trees it takes to produce the paper it uses.



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